Advanced Research & Development.

Industries of focus:





The Clean Air Filter team is committed to ongoing research and development – beyond any industry standard. Our R & D department continues to develop new laboratory test procedures, as well as field testing protocols for various industries of focus, including agriculture, mining, foundries, and landfills.

We take pride in providing and introducing particulate and vapor test methodologies that exceed standard.

Clean Air Filter has developed particulate/vapor filters with excellent organic vapor adsorption capabilities. The objective is to offer the operator of the cab the cleanest temperature controlled work environment possible.

Operator Protection Level Parameters and Field Testing Criteria used by CAF:

  1. Operator Protection Level testing is based on total cab efficiency @ 0.3µm

  2. Providing the operator with a minimum of 17.66 CFM (30 m³/h) of clean air at all times

  3. Reducing leaks in the negative air plenum of the HVAC, maximum 2% total

  4. Cab pressure, whether high or low, is NOT an indication of safe operator protection levels. It can be correlated to positive flow rate and measure with a differential pressure gage.