Setting the Standard for Clean Air.

At Clean Air Filter, CAF, we’re committed to doing more than the minimum, because we firmly believe that the future is made by what we do today. For over three decades, we’ve dedicated ourselves to building products that protect you today to ensure a healthier tomorrow. We hold ourselves to a higher standard and refuse to settle for anything less than exceptional. We will effectively ‘check all of the boxes’ to design exceptional air filtration solutions that you can depend on to keep you safe and healthy for years to come.

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Cabin Air Filters

Clean Air Filter® provides a filter to reduce both particulates and vapors within the same filter housing. This is by design, Patent# 5,423,903.

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Filtration Protection Systems

Our mobile and stationary FPS units are designed to create a positive flow of clean, filtered air into your environment.

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Air Testing Services

CAF’s testing team has the equipment and experience to travel globally to the customer site for cab integrity testing to aide operator protection.

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"Specialized in the comfort and safety of machine cabin users, I have tested multiple models of pressurization and filtration systems.

Former CEO of DDPA SAS - France
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