Air Testing Services.

Clean Air Filter’s testing team has the equipment and experience to travel globally to the customer site for cab integrity testing to aide operator protection. Specific Cab Protection Levels are a balance between “cab integrity” and “filter efficiency”

Cab Protection Factor Template

At CAF, our testing and consulting services include:

  • Laboratory and field testing

  • Mobile Field Testing on customer site

  • Digitally transmit data to CAF for efficiency test report

  • CO2 Cab Integrity Test

  • Correlation between particulate and vapor test data

  • Service and products to a broad scope of industries with a global customer base

  • Mining, agriculture, metal foundries, ethanol plants, landfills, and residential applications

  • Specific filtration solutions for hazardous environments

  • Air filtration solutions based on patented technology

CAF can also test cab leakage with vapors. WE test with parts per million (ppm_ instead of particle counts). As expected, the results are more critical, example 98.9% efficiency with particle count equals 98.3% efficiency with vapor.