Quality Tested.

Every one of our products is built right, every time. And through a constant cycle of rigorous, methodical, and painstaking testing and evaluation, we reinforce our dedication to quality because that’s what keeps our customers safe, healthy, and satisfied year after year.

  • Every individual component used in manufacturing is tested to the highest degree to identify the very best product and supplier.

  • The completed product is tested to verify performance to design criteria and validate manufacturing processes and procedures.

  • Ongoing quality control ensures all components / products meet established Clean Air Filter standards.

  • Collection of data establishes baseline.

Advanced Testing Facility

Built in 1994, Clean Air Filter’s dedicated air quality lab is where each product undergoes rigorous testing to ensure that customers receive high-quality air filters and air filtration protection systems.

CAF48R Certificate

Clean Air Filter has been involved with several Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) in the development of filtration for new model cabs.