Field Testing Service.

Performance Proven

Once a cab is field-tested for protection levels with Optical Particle Counters and/or CO2, the ratio can be used as an indication of cab performance. Once calibrated, the DPG will give signs of filter loading, cab seal degradation, electrical changes, improper filter installation, etc.

  • Infield / onsite testing is utilized to establish actual “Performance”.

  • Data is digitally collected and sent to Clean Air Filter for evaluation and reports.

  • Field testing is correlated to lab performance on particulate, vapor, and/or flow rates.

  • To optimize performance, actual cab or enclosure inspection is important to identify leaks and/or any other issues that require maintenance.

Fit Factor

CAF experts use “respirator logic” as the fit factor for installation and usage of all products.

Fit Factor and Protection Factor

Cab Protection Factor Template

ASABE X613 Cabin Filtration