What does Clean Air Filter do?

Clean Air Filter is dedicated to providing a reliable solution for air quality-related safety needs of operators in cabs. For nearly 30 years, Clean Air Filter has been manufacturing the highest quality filters for some of the worst industrial environments in the world. We hold ourselves and our products to the most rigorous standards to ensure a clean, safe working environment for people who are exposed to contaminants in the air they breathe.

We can develop an air filtration solution for you!


CAF manufactures particulate/vapor filters and Filtration/Pressurization Systems (FPS), for use in agriculture, mining, foundries, and landfills. 


The FPS55, air delivery and purification system, meets EN15695, categories 2, 3, & 4 
when used with a standard compliant cab.

Our filters and pressurizers are lab and field tested utilizing accepted particulate and vapor testing methodologies

The FPS55 and FPS950 are factory tested utilizing our patented, CO2 molecular integrity test.  These heavy duty, powder coated metal units are designed for longevity. 

Field testing/validation results are available.