World-class Cabin Air Filters.

Clean Air Filter® provides a filter to reduce both particulates and vapors within the same filter housing. This is by design, Patent# 5,423,903.

  • Stage 1 is a standard PAPER media designed for the heavy dust environments of agricultural, industrial, mining, and off-road conditions. Also, the paper is superior in absorbing liquid aerosol droplets that are present in the air.

  • Stage 2 is respirator-grade ACTIVATED CARBON. The porous nature of this media effectively adsorbs organic vapors, such as diesel and chemical fumes. CAF’s customized, refined activated carbon works on surface area, and our patented design maximizes this principle.

  • Stage 3 is a sub-micron FINAL FILTER that provides additional protection while allowing maximum airflow.

Our cabin air filters comply with the ISO 3795 burn rate standard, rated as self-extinguishing.

Additional Products

Specialty Vapor Filters are available upon request/approval.

 Farmer tested and approved.

 Fits in the existing cab filter housing.

 Inverted pyramid air-flow helps to maximize carbons adsorption ability.

 Reduces tunneling and channeling.

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