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You place your trust in our products to protect you from harm. That is a responsibility we do not take lightly. Through a constant cycle of rigorous, methodical, and painstaking testing and evaluation, we reinforce our dedication to quality because that’s what keeps our customers safe, healthy, and satisfied year after year.

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Specialized in the comfort and safety of machine cabin users, I have tested multiple models of pressurization and filtration systems.

Why did I choose the Clean Air Filter FPS? The FPS corresponds to and exceeds the EN15695 standard (filtration of microparticles and filtration of gases). The performance of the FPS places it in the very high end of filtration and pressurization devices. The FPS performance has also been verified in France with several users and under different site conditions (construction companies, recycling centers, ports, military vehicles).

The ease of installation of the FPS and its versatility has allowed my company to distribute this device nationally and internationally. In 90% of sales, the end-user installed the FPS themselves on their machine(s). The technical assistance of Clean Air Filter has enabled my company to provide all the documents required by the various official European bodies for monitoring the protection of machine users.

The attractive selling price of the FPS and its very high performance has allowed us to establish ourselves profoundly in many markets (construction or handling machines, port facilities, military design offices, etc.).

So, within two years, the distribution of FPS has become of the utmost importance in the activity of our company (DDPA SAS specialized in the activities of air conditioning and spare parts) because our customers have become our best sales agents. I am thinking of all those who started by buying a single device and who, two months later, did not hesitate to equip a large part of their equipment fleet.

Former CEO of DDPA SAS - France


For five to six years, my company [DDPA] and Clean Air Filter have collaborated to sell filtration pressurization systems in France.

We chose to work with these systems because they have one of the best filtration capabilities and results. In addition, the systems are so easy to install that our customers install it themselves. The fact that they are compact, and there is only one filter in the system makes it convenient and easy to use.

The advantage of working with Clean Air Filter is also the fact that they have daily technical assistance. As proof, their teams do not hesitate to come to France to train us and more, visit our customers with us to run tests on the installations. This is very valuable for our customers and for us. This reinforces the seriousness and professionalism of Clean Air Filter.

To increase our development in the European and French markets, Clean Air Filter did not hesitate to obtain the CE standard for pressurization systems. This is very important for our market, with its constantly updating standards.

Now, Clean Air Filter allows us to have buffer stock in our warehouse. This enables us to react quickly, in terms of delivery.

The choice of Clean Air Filter was easy and obvious for me. I am sure that the CAF/DDPA collaboration has a bright future ahead of us.

Sébastien BILHOU
Director, DDPA SAS - France