Filtration / Pressurization Systems

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Our FPS units are designed to pressurize your environment with clean filtered air.

Do you need to remove volcanic ash?
Do you have an older cab with no filtration system?
Is your cabs filtration system inadequate?
Do you have a control room or office that is contaminated with dust or vapors?
Do you want to improve the air quality in your home?

Consider a Filtration / Pressurization System (FPS) from Clean Air Filter

Our FPS units are designed to pressurize your environment with clean filtered air.

The FPS 55 Series is designed as add-on units for mobile equipment. 

The FPS 955 Series is designed for offices, control rooms, and residential applications.

Clean Air Filter has utilized the latest in technology and research in developing the ultimate in air filtration to create a cleaner healthier environment. There are many models to choose from to suit your needs

How the system works:

The operation of the airflow through the FPS system is as follows:

1. Contaminated air is drawn into the system through the centrifugal pre-cleaner.  The circular motion of the pre-cleaner separates out larger particles. Options are the standard pre-cleaner or a motorized pre-cleaner.

2. Air passes through the 3 stage primary filter.

Stage 1
is a paper media particulate filter designed for the heavy dust environment of agricultural, industrial, mining, and off road conditions.

Stage 2
is respirator grade activated carbon.  The porous nature of this media effectively absorbs organic vapors such as diesel and chemical fumes. 
Activated carbon works on surface area and CAF's patented design maximizes this principle.  Specialized carbons are available for specific vapors.

Stage 3
is a 0.3 micron final filter.

With the Stage II housing, an accessory for the FPS55 - Air continues through the S205P filter with a combination of medias for exceptional performance at 0.3 microns.  The S205P has an extended service life when used in conjunction with the primary filter.

3. Air exiting the FPS unit creates positive pressure inside a properly sealed cab.  This over-pressure pushes clean air out leaks in the positive pressure side of the system, rather than allowing contaminated air to enter.