Established in 1990 to offer farmers a solution to their dusty chemical environment

Leader with patented filter design (3-in-1 vapor/particulate)

Leader in FPS design/ testing/evaluation

Teamed with NIOSH, MSHA, and Cal-EPA

ASAE S525 Series filters

1994 CAF Test Chamber

  • leader in system level vapor testing/analysis
  • integrity test OEM cabs
  • Cal-EPA Approved

Currently Providing

  • service and products to a broad scope of industries with a global customer base
  • mining, metal foundries, ethanol plants, landfills, and residential applications
  • specific filtration solutions for controlled environments
  • air filtration solutions based on patented technology  
  • laboratory and field testing
  • correlation between particulate and vapor test data
  • patented CO2 Cab Integrity Test